Crystal Miami Deco Geometric Vase


Crystal Miami Deco Geometric Vase by Luxari

Each shape on the geometric vase reflects light at a different angle, giving a matchless and unique sparkle effect. Matching the distinctive designs and vibrant colors in Miami architecture, the Miami Deco shines with fourteen different hues adding a colorful touch to any home or office.

Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, the artists hand set 58,875 Silk, Fuchsia, Padparadscha, Indian Pink, Rose, Amethyst, Sapphire, Fern Green, Emerald, Chrysolite, Jonquil, Light Topaz and Light Colorado Topaz crystals with a total creation time of 395 hours to complete this breathtaking masterpiece. Each vase is packaged in a handcrafted walnut case and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Combining the matchless shine with Luxari’s exclusiveness, they have limited “Miami Deco” to a worldwide edition of 50 individually numbered vases
  • 4.77" x 14.2"H
  • Allow 6 weeks for delivery

Limited Edition: 50 pieces only.