Crystal Grasslands, Set of 3 Vases


Crystal Glasslands, Set of 3 Vases by Luxari

Grasslands, Set of 3 Vases include three animal prints sized proportionately to match each animal; the majestic Giraffe is the tallest of the set, followed by the social Zebra and powerful Tiger. The three animals all survive in grassland terrains, unifying the set of vases as one.

Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, Luxari artists hand set each vase with these specifications:

  • Giraffe – 14,850 Smoky Quartz, Light Colorado Topaz, Smoked Topaz and Burgundy crystals; 110 hours of work. Measures 4.33" x 12.44"H
  • Zebra – 9,275 Crystal and Jet crystals; 114 hours of work. Measures 3.15"x 9.77"H
  • Tiger – 7,750 White Opal, Light Colorado Topaz, Crystal Golden Shadow, Topaz, Light Smoked Topaz and Jet crystals; 63 hours. Measures 2.64" x 7.68"H

All three vases come packaged in a handcrafted walnut case and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Grasslands is limited to a worldwide edition of 50 individually numbered sets
  • Allow 6 weeks for delivery

Limited edition: 50 sets only