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Code of Conduct

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  1. Abuse, harassment, threats, offensive language, derogatory or discriminatory comments, false or misleading information
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  3. Intentionally transmitting harmful software to Mayfair House or to any user on the Mayfair House website
  4. Sending unwanted messages to a user or to Mayfair House
  5. Releasing private information regarding Mayfair House, its affiliates, and its users.
  6. Using, sending, or submitting known third party links that may cause harm or distress
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  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in temporary suspension or permanent removal from any or all Mayfair House programs, at Mayfair House’s discretion.
  • The participant agrees to relinquish all benefits, including but not limited to Mayfair Points, if the participant is found to be violating the below terms and conditions.
  • Mayfair House reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or change the membership program, benefits, and offerings at any time without prior notice.

    Mayfair House Membership

  • By creating a user account on the Mayfair House ecommerce platform, the user will be considered a participant in the Mayfair House membership program and understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions.
  • Any benefits or perks acquired through the Mayfair House membership program holds no cash value, can only be redeemed through the Mayfair House retail location or online store, and can only be distributed by an authorized Mayfair House employee.
  • The participant shall not acquire membership benefits using unintended methods or unlawful means, including but not limited to false identities, false financial information, or theft.
  • The participant shall not use any third party applications, software, or programs to acquire membership benefits in ways other than intended.
  • The participant certifies that the information provided by the participant upon signing up for an account is accurate and true.
  • The participant agrees to comply with any investigation or audit taken by Mayfair House and the proper authorities regarding fraud, theft, or any other unlawful situations.

    Mayfair Rewards Program

  • Any Mayfair points accrued through the Mayfair Rewards Program is property of Mayfair House and holds no cash value and cannot be redeemed for goods, services, or cash excluding offerings from the Mayfair Rewards Program.
  • Purchases made using a rewards card will not be awarded Mayfair Points unless the purchase amount exceeds the value of the rewards card. If the purchase amount exceeds the rewards card amount, Mayfair Points will be awarded for the excess amount.
  • All other rewards acquired through the Mayfair Rewards Program will not be awarded Mayfair Points, unless as otherwise specified by Mayfair House.
  • Rewards acquired through the Mayfair Rewards Program do not expire, unless as otherwise specified by Mayfair House.
  • The Mayfair Rewards card is valid until the dollar amount on the rewards card is reached, or if Mayfair House chooses to terminate the program.
  • Any accidental transactions or redemption of rewards will be refunded or reversed at Mayfair House’s discretion.
  • Any participant’s Mayfair points can be redeemed for rewards cards at Mayfair House’s discretion without prior notice.