Portable Charger


Portable Charger by Dunhill

This portable charger is a travel essential, offering a battery boost to your phone or tablet on the move.  Compatible with most current handsets and tablets, the charger holds a 5000mAh charge, typically providing 2-3 charges of a smartphone and a full charge of a tablet device.  It can be charged through a USB port/plug and has a handy battery level indictor. The charger is sleek and masculine and comes in an attractive Chassis leather case.

  • Holds a charge capacity 5000mAh, equivalent to 2-3 times a smart phone charge and 1 tablet charge.
  • Fits most manufacturer models including Samsung, Apple iPhone, Google, BlackBerry and more (iPhone 5 through ‘lightening’ cable included with phone). Recharges through USB plug.
  • Battery level light indicator.
  • Lightweight, compact and durable.
  • Supplied with a Chassis leather carry case with section for the cable and plug ends.