Slim Dark Gunmetal Belt


Slim Dark Gunmetal Belt by Dunhill

This belt, featuring a twist mechanism on a dark gunmetal buckle, offers two great looks – a formal look featuring the smooth brown leather and a more casual look featuring black Chassis leather.  The thin yet strong buckle combines a brushed and polished gunmetal finish, a contrast that offers detail and interest.

  • Strap: Matte black leather / textured black leather
  • Buckle: Zinc alloy with polished palladium and black lacquer
  • Width: 30mm/1.18"
  • Cut to fit: This belt has been designed to be cut to the exact length. This means you have a belt that has been specially and uniquely fitted to you, rather than having to buy a belt that is only approximately the right length. The belt strap is simple to cut with a sharp pair of scissors. To ensure that you cut it to the right length, you can either measure yourself around the waist, or measure the belt that you normally wear from the end of the strap by the buckle to the hole normally use. Remove the buckle, releasing the mechanism on the back of the buckle and measure the same length on the strap of the new belt and make sure you do this from the center hole, or the one you prefer to use, to the end where the buckle fits. Always cut the belt a little longer than you measured. This will allow you to make further adjustments when you try it on for size.

Fits up to 42". For sizes over 42" available by special order.  Please allow 8 weeks for special order.