Carbon Fibre Insert Belt


Carbon Fibre Insert Belt by Dunhill

This particular dunhill belt features the increasingly popular chassis carbon fibre print style with beautiful dark brown smooth calf leather. The buckle uses two distinct metal finishes for maximum style, integrating a mix of mated grey and polished silver. The buckle also features the trademark dunhill AD 1893 logo on the smooth strap, as well as on the buckle itself. For any occasion, business or pleasure, the carbon fibre inset chassis belt will ensure you both fit in with, and stand out from the crowd.

  • Branding: dunhill longtail, AD and 1893 logo on belt buckle and AD logo on smooth strap
  • Material: chassis carbon fibre print style on smooth calf leather
  • Hardware: Brass with ‘AD gunmetal’ finish
  • Belt width: 35 mm