Vega Decanter


Vega Decanter by Baccarat

The Vega crystal decanter puts forward a sleek and modern silhouette. The purity of the outline underscores the luminosity of the material, and the beveled neck adds just a dash of multifaceted refraction in the light. The decanter’s beveled neck is especially eye-catching, its zigzag form embodying the signature design flourish of the Vega collection. This accentuated, rippling angularity puts the smooth Clear crystal body and the conical stopper into sharp relief, creating a stunning architectural contrast. Designed by Savinel & Rozé for Baccarat, the Vega bar and stemware collection also includes champagne flutes, martini glasses, and wine glasses. The Vega collection further extends to home décor in the form of candlesticks, clocks, and photo frames.

  • Measurement: 14 3/4 " H
  • Capacity: 25 1/3 oz

Please call the store to purchase: 310-273-1988 or 888-280-1988. This item is not available for online purchase.